My cat. My teacher.

I am an only child, and although many other only children wish to had a brother or sister, I don’t. Maybe it’s because I had another kind of a sister, I had Cindy! A blue gorgeous persian kitty. It was like a love at the first hug! So, that was it, Cindy became part of our family and I was just 4 years old. I was a little girl and she was a kitten. We both wanted to discover the world and know everything. She was very playful and cute! We grow up together all these years and we did so many things together. We were sleeping together every night and she was still there in the morning waiting for me to get up, well sometimes she was too hungry and she was trying to wake me up early! Even then, she was my favourite “alarm”. She loved to sleep on my books, notebooks and my laptop whenever I used them! 😀 When I was coming back home, she was greeting me with the sweetest purr ever and she was looking, with her big golden eyes into mine, so happy.

Now, 20 years later, I realise all these things that my cat taught me when I was a little kid. Firstly, I taught to be responsible in my life, and especially responsible for another life! I had to take care of her and feed her. As a child you don’t have so much the feeling of responsibility, but I think I learned this since I was very young. 

All these years I felt like I had a sister, a best friend, so many things that make her more than just a cat. I taught to share and don’t think only myself. I always try to make her comfortable, even sometimes I wasn’t. I was always share my food, me a foodlover and  a non-sharing food person :D.  Besides we all know how is to eat when you live with a cat! They want to jump into your plate and discover what does it taste like!

Perhaps, the most important, I learned is to love and respect the others even if they are people or animals. We all worth respect. Sometimes I had to understand that she wanted to leave and stay alone somewhere or that she didn’t feel to sleep but to go for a walk etc. When you love someone you should let him/her to do what wants to do.

Unfortunately, two years ago, at age 18 Cindy past away. She lived a happily life, full of comfort, freedom, food and warm beds to make the best naps. She will always live in my heart as my best friend and the “sister” I never had.

Two years later from this ugly day, a new friend show up. His name is Chilli! He is an adventurous little cat and very enthousiastic about anything! He makes each day brighter and funnier! ❤


I wish to read about your memories with your pets in the comments! 
Love and respect animals always!

you can follow Cindy here:

and Chilli here:


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