Everyday’s Happiness

Smell the roses..

Many people sometimes tell me:
-why are you so happy, it’s just a chocolate?


-why are you so excited, it’s just a hug?

Maybe I’m getting to excited and feel happy with simple things, but it’s really great! Our life is all of these moments, so why not try to make or feel each moment unique, or at least some them. It doesn’t need to happen something special and big to consider a moment as an outstanding one. Of course there are some doubtless great moments in our life such as graduation day, wedding day (for some people i think 😛 ) or live concerts.

Τhe truth is, we consider these simple everyday moments as certain. There are hidden small happy moments in our days which can make us brighter, but rarely we notice them.  Most of the times you can only realize it when you loose them. So don’t ever let days to pass without enjoy simple, even goofy, times because these moments constitute our memories.

So, to really emphasize the importance of these moments and to remember them in the most hard and stressful occasions I have made a very effective tool, which I call the “Small Happy List”. This list is composed by all these small things that we neglect in our day to day life and they are really important to make us happy.

“Small Happy List”

  • Chocolate. I am crazy about chocolate and anything that contains it!!
  • My cat’s purring. It so sweet sound, it really makes me happy. Once I had lost this lovely sound, but a new friend show up unexpectedly and makes me happy again..
  • Hugs. Some much emotions with just a hug.
  • Lying & wake up next to your beloved one. How cannot be just happy when the first you see is your beloved man/woman.
  • Math and physics understanding. That’s a really cool feeling and undoubtedly makes me happy! It’s not easy to get this but it’s very rewarding.
  • Movies. I really love movies, they are like a window to another life situtation for a while.
  • Buying something new. Anything..like new cute socks! It doesn’t need to be a new iMac to make you excited- which I want one to death, really! 😀
  • To do things with people you love. You realize when someone is important to you when you can’t be with anymore. You perceive that it wasn’t just another day or another time that you cooked, ate, walked, laughed together and you wish to had one more time to feel and enjoy this completely.
  •  Food. So many different tastes! Greek, italian, chinese, mexican, lebanese cuisine. But even the not new exciting tastes, even the dishes which I have eaten over and over again I am taking a great delight every single time.
  • Surprises. Big or small surprises are so awesome!
  • Give help to someone. 
  • Late night chocolate. I know..I know again chocolate! But always make me laugh when I’m thinking of the so many late nights when me and my boyfriend were going out to find a mini market or a kiosk for some chocolate.
  • Dance. You can dance whenever you want, you don’t need to be at a bar or something. You can have fun by yourself too sometimes. 🙂

So, these are some things in my every day beautiful routine which I really enjoy & make me really grateful. I believe we should appreciate even the simplest nice things that happen in our lives because nothing is a constant.

There so many other things for sure that I maybe add in the future.
It will make me really glad to see your “Small Happy List” in the comments!

What make you happy? 



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